What Evil Lurks
(February 1991, 12” XL-Recordings, XLT-17)
A1. 04:23 What Evil Lurks
A2. 04:34 We Gonna Rock
B1. 05:03 Android
B2. 03:27 Everybody In The Place

This is the first ever single by the Prodigy. It was only released on 12" vinyl. It has only a plain black/silver XL Recordings housing bag sleeve, there is no picture of the band etc. There are 7000 original copies made! Some had a sticker on the sleeve with the title on it. In the run-out groove of the vinyl there is "THE EXCHANGE" engraved.

There are lots of fake's around. The first fake releases came in a black sleeve. The font used on the center label of the vinyl was different to the original release. The engraving in the run-out groove was missing. On the B-side it reads "ANDROIDS".

The fake copies which came after this were harder to spot. Once again black sleeves, but this time the artwork was identical to the original. Still, "THE EXCHANGE" was not engraved in the runout groove.

Some people bought these fake copies thinking they were real. Once people started paying attention, people selling fakes became smarter. They took copies of the illegal copy mentioned above, took some standard XL housing sleeves and once again sold these records as the real deal.

In 2005 XL-Recordings re-released both What Evil Lurks and Charly. These new copies have different catalogue numbers than the original copies. Also the sleeve is slightly different (15th anniversary sleeves with new XL logo).

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